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Thousands of self-employed workers face HMRC fine

HMRC has announced that 745,588 people had failed to file their tax return before the January 31 deadline.

This figure was (more…)

UK SMEs fail to claim billions in backdated R&D tax relief

It is estimated that The Treasury owes British small businesses as much as £84bn in backdated research and development tax (more…)

The benefits of hiring a specialist accountant in Liverpool

Liverpool is a great city for business. It already has good infrastructure, transport links, a big pool of well-trained workers and much more besides. In short, it (more…)

EU announces plans for more VAT flexibility and less red tape

The European Commission is planning on giving Member States the ability to extend VAT exemptions to other EU countries, and more control of rates.

These changes are (more…)

A guide to raising business funds in Liverpool

At some point, most successful company owners find themselves wanting to borrow money. Sometimes, they need to do so because of (more…)

British service sector continues to grow

UK-based service providers experienced stronger than expected growth during the last quarter of 2017.

Leading economists had (more…)

Staircase tax reversal brings relief to thousands of UK firms

The UK government is beginning the process of scrapping staircase tax levy.

On December 29, draft (more…)

Tax and finance changes that will affect Liverpool businesses in 2018

Liverpool is a great place to run a business. Across most sectors, the number of companies choosing to set up in the city is on the increase. For example, an average of 194 tech-related firms set up their new (more…)

Points part of HMRC penalty system to expire

HMRC has announced that after a prescribed period of compliance penalty points will expire. (more…)

A guide to preparing for the festive breaks

For many firms, this time of the year is a busy one. People everywhere are out buying presents, festive food and clothes for parties. Liverpool One, Bold Street, Church Street and the city’s other major shopping areas are (more…)

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