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Most UK SMEs feel upbeat about their future

A recent survey of 500 UK SMEs, carried out by Wesleyan bank, showed that over 54% of them were optimistic about the future.

It is the third time the (more…)

Six extra services your accountant can potentially provide for you

When most people think about accountancy services, it’s payroll management, filing tax returns and providing basic business reports that come to mind, because (more…)

Six ways your accountant can help you future-proof your business

Businesses that find and hire the right accountancy firm benefit in several ways. A good Liverpool-based accountant can do far more than simply make sure that you (more…)

New working group to examine and lobby on SME lending contracts

Two UK organisations are joining forces with cross party MPs to examine how fair SME lending contracts are and work to improve them.

The working group is made up of representatives from UK Finance, members of the Lending Standards Board (LSB) and MPs. At the time of writing this article, seven major banks that operate in the UK have also signed up. The group is lead by (more…)

How your accountant can help you prepare for Brexit

Right now, a lot of company owners are thinking about Brexit, especially those who currently do business with Europe. This is very wise and it is actually something your (more…)

UK businesses want protection from late payments

A recent survey shows that SMEs have had enough of the late payment culture and that they want the government to step in to deal with this issue.

A recent survey carried out by the business finance provider Liberis found that UK firms were chasing £14.9bn in late payments. On average they spent (more…)

UK businesses exploring opportunities beyond EU boundaries

SMEs in the UK are already preparing to export goods outside of the European Union to countries they have never traded with before.

The ninth WorldFirst Global Trade Barometer shows that many businesses are already adapting to the changes that Brexit will bring. Twenty-three percent of SMEs are planning to (more…)

MPs call for an increase in HMRC funding and tax strategy stability

A recent survey commissioned by two UK accountancy bodies has revealed that the majority of MPs support the introduction of a stable tax strategy.

The research was commissioned by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the AAT Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). It was carried out by (more…)

How your Liverpool accountant can help you with employee retention

To be able to function and make a profit, every company needs a good workforce. Without the right workers, any firm will struggle. Understandably, a lot (more…)

Some GP practices set to receive smaller funding increases than anticipated

Recent changes to the way GP practices are funded may lead to some of them not receiving as much extra money as expected.

In March, after the GP contract negotiations were completed, it was announced that (more…)

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